Supplementary Planning Guidance / Documents

In all administrations there is the opportunity to produce supplementary planning guidance / documents. For a specialist subject such as biodiversity conservation and enhancement this is a particularly valuable way of supplementing the policies and proposals in the main plans (core strategies, local development plans etc). Sometimes it has been particular issues or problems that have triggered SPG/D, or the immediate availability of a resource and guidance ahead of plan reviews, or simply the need to ensure a better standard of information and awareness of local biodiversity issues in development management.

The scope of what may be included in SPG/D for biodiversity is wide. Several planning authorities have already produced very useful SPG/D relating to specific types or locations of development such as Biodiversity and Waterfront Development in Leeds (Leeds City Council 2006).

However, most examples of recent SPG/D have been related to the development management process, and the information needed in respect of processing planning applications. Examples of these are:

Brighton and Hove Council’s 2010 adopted SPD

Neath Port Talbot adopted 2008 SPG

Pembrokeshire CC and Pembrokeshire Coast NPA 2006/2007 joint SPG 

Salford MBC 2006 adopted SPD 

South Cambridgeshire 2009 adopted SPD 

Eastleigh’s 2009 adopted Biodiversity SPD however goes further and includes details of its Biodiversity Opportunity Areas

The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham (draft SPD 2011) has included guidance encouraging the design of green roofs and living walls, green infrastructure and ecological management plans

Doncaster MBC has a suit of SPDs relevant to biodiversity including the Planning for Nature SPD and also a Biodiversity Mitigation and Compensation