Biodiversity Action in Scotland

Scottish Biodiversity Forum

Scottish Biodiversity Forum (SBF) is a broad based working partnership of Government, its agencies, local authorities, voluntary bodies, farmers, fishermen, foresters, business and scientists. The Forum has an open membership allowing all who enjoy, manage and value our biodiversity to contribute to its future. Some of the larger organisations involved in the SBF are listed below.


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Scotland’s Biodiversity – Its In Your Hands (2004) 


The Strategy’s Vision states:It’s 2030: Scotland is recognised as a world leader in biodiversity conservation. Everyone is involved; everyone benefits. The nation is enriched”. The strategy also has Aims To conserve biodiversity for the health enjoyment and wellbeing of the people of Scotland now and in the future”. Specific objectives are set out in the Strategy as follows:

  • Species and Habitats To halt the loss of biodiversity and continue to reverse previous losses through targeted action for species and habitats;
  • People To increase awareness, understandingand enjoyment of biodiversity, andengage many more people inconservation and enhancement;
  • Landscapes and Ecosystems To restore and enhance biodiversity in all our urban, rural and marine environments through better planning, design and practice;
  • Integration and Co-ordination To develop an effective management framework that ensures biodiversity is taken into account in all decision making;
  • Knowledge To ensure that the best new and existing knowledge on biodiversity is available to all policy makers and practitioners.

List of Habitats and Species of Principal Importance in Scotland


Publication of the Scottish list satisfies the requirements of Section 2(4) of The Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act (2004). The list is the definitive reference for all statutory and non-statutory bodies involved in operations that affect biodiversity in Scotland.

The S2(4) list should be used to guide decision-makers such as local and regional authorities when implementing their duty to further the conservation of biodiversity so far as is consistent with the proper exercise of those functions - as required under Part 1 Section 1 of the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act (2004).


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