Biodiversity Action in Wales

Wales Biodiversity Partnership

Wales Biodiversity Partnership (WBP) brings together key players from the public, private and voluntary sectors to promote and monitor biodiversity action in Wales. WBP provides a leadership role and an expert steer on priorities for action on biodiversity in Wales. WBP consists of a steering group (SG) and a wider partnership, supported by a team drawn from the Countryside Council of Wales, Welsh Assembly Government and the Wildlife Trust Wales.


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The Environment Strategy for Wales

The Environment Strategy for Wales sets out a vision that “By 2026, we want to see our distinctive Welsh environment thriving and contributing to the economic and social wellbeing and health of all of the people of Wales”. It sets the strategic direction for the next 20 years and provides the framework within which to achieve the vision. The Strategy has five main themes:

  • Addressing climate change – covers climate change mitigation and adaptation;
  • Sustainable resource use – covers material consumption and waste, water, soils, minerals and aggregates;
  • Distinctive biodiversity, landscapes and seascapes – covers biodiversity, the marine environment, landscapes and seascapes and their historic component;
  • Our local environment – covers the built environment and access to green space, environmental nuisances, walkability in urban areas and access to the countryside and coast, and flood risk management; and
  • Environmental hazards – covers pollution and chemicals and radioactivity.

For each of these subjects, the Strategy explains the issues and sets out the environmental outcomes to be achieved and the associated indicators and timelines for delivery.


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List of Species and Habitats of Principal Importance in Wales


Publication of the list satisfies the requirements of Section 42 (S42) of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities (NERC Act 2006) The list is the definitive reference for all statutory and non-statutory bodies involved in operations that affect biodiversity in Wales.

The S42 list is the definitive reference for all statutory and non-statutory bodies involved in operations that affect biodiversity in. It should also be used to guide decision-makers such as local planning authorities when implementing their statutory duties to have regard to the conservation of biodiversity in the exercise of their normal functions – as required under Section 40 of the NERC Act 2006.


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