Natural England's Standing Advice

Standing Advice for Protected Species - Draft

Natural England has introduced Standing Advice for Protected Species for local planning authorities.

Following pilot projects in the South East and the East of England Natural England has now produced a set of national standing advice.  Natural England will now only be providing advice on those applications where adequate survey information is available and where significant impacts on protected species are likely as a result of development.

It will apply to all Local Planning Authorities in England.

View the new set of Standing Advice for Protected Species.

Information on of some of the protected species most often affected by development and for which standing advice is provided, together with lists of those species protected under the various acts:

Quick Links to Standing Advice on Protected Species

Breeding birds
Freshwater Fish
Great crested newts
Higher and lower plants
Natterjack Toad
Saltwater Fish
Water voles
White-clawed crayfish