Biodiversity Action Reporting System (BARS)

BARS is the UK's Biodiversity Action Plan reporting system. It includes national, local and company Biodiversity Action Plans (BAPs) and the Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans of all four countries.

 BARS can be used to learn about progress with Biodiversity Action Plans and country Biodiversity Strategies, the status of BAP species and habitats. A map also enables users to find out about conservation action happening in their local area.
The BARS database holds a wide range of information on activities and contributions being made to maintain or increase biodiversity in the UK. Much of this information can be accessed without a BARS username and includes information on:  
  • All Biodiversity Action Plans and strategies across the UK.
  • Status & trends of species or habitats within the UK. The search options allow information to be displayed or species or habitats as a group at either UK or country level or, for an individual species or habitat at UK, country level or more locally.
  • Targets & outcomes - use searches to find out what targets have been set within a particular area, or which have been set for a particular species or habitat. BARS can also be searched to find a summary of the biodiversity delivery gain resulting from the conservation activities within an area for species and/or habitat(s).
  • Actions & impacts searches can be used to find more information on activity happening for a given species or habitat(s), searches can be refined to the organisation or partnership undertaking the activity as well as the activity type. Information can also be found on any recorded threats & losses for species and habitats.
  • News, help & information contains a range of information about BARS, its background and what resources and services are available from the site.
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